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Fat Asian Girl – A Short Story

Children swarmed out the double doors like busy ants. When had the schools gotten rid of the obnoxious brass bells that rang by the drumming of a sidearm? Sometimes, life had a way of making her recall how old she was.

The Hmong Migration

The ideas for this series came into being when I was a junior in college. I was reading “Tragic Mountain” by Jane Hamilton.

Candle Afloat – A Short Story

One stormy night, a lonely housewife took a walk out in the fields that encircled their remote home. She was headed to their barnyard shed to obtain a few nails.

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Epilogue

“Our son cannot go through with the marriage,” spoke the elder. He pulled out $2,000.00 in crisp hundreds and laid it on the table. Nkauj Yiv’s father called Dib into the room.

Dear My Teacher

The birth of this book was a result of the experiences I had as an introverted Hmong student growing up in an American K-12 education system in Minnesota. I was on a search all my life to find my voice in order to share my life experiences with the people around me.

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Chapter 11 – The Finale

Nkauj Yiv stared out the window for the fifth time that morning. She hadn’t the slightest idea why Nraug Txuj wouldn’t write to her. He had shown her so much attention and interest during their last encounter.

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Chapter 10

There was a sharp pain at the back of her left hand. She tried to lift her neck but couldn’t for she was lying on a bed elevated at the head. She also didn’t have enough strength to move even her neck let alone lift her head.

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Chapter 9

The days passed. Friday merged into Saturday, Saturday into gloomy Sunday. Monday came again and Nraug Txuj hadn’t called. He didn’t appear at their house. No email came into her inbox. Had he changed his mind about her?

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Chapter 8

Nraug Txuj’s brows creased when Nkauj Yiv shook her head, no. She gazed over at stepmother, surveying the twitch of her brow. She wouldn’t hear the end of stepmother’s wrath following Nraug Txuj’s departure if she happened to join the meal.

The Hmong Journey

The Hmong people are an ethnic group in East and Southeast Asia. Stories of the Hmong people – an ethnic group from China and Southeast Asia – are passed down orally and can be told through paj ntaub story cloths.

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Chapter 7

“Get the door!” hollered stepmother from the back porch. Nkauj Yiv’s right hand stirred the steaming pot of zaub hau with great effort, her hand fanning down the developing smog with a great wooden spatula.

Nkauj Yiv A Novella – Chapter 6

Nkauj Yiv’s felt her jaw hang. Her eyes did not blink at the sight of him. Just when she thought that she was only meeting with Richard, he appears before her.

Nkauj Yiv-A Novella, Chapter 5

The morning hadn’t gone as she’d hoped. Though she was able to cook a complete three course breakfast before leaving the house, Nkauj Yiv had forgotten the most important artifact before stepping out. Her shoe.

States Of America

Created and Produced by Brad Barber (co-director/producer of the award-winning feature documentary Peace Officer), States of America is a new IFP supported documentary shorts series featuring one person in each of the 50 United States.

Nkauj Yiv-A Novella, Chapter 4

Soapsuds crawled up Nkauj Yiv’s forearms as she scrubbed the ash white Corelle dinner plate in a circular motion. Her scouring toughened, clockwise, counter clockwise, clockwise, scraping the food crud off the crevices of the plate.

Nkauj Yiv – A Novella Chapter 3

Nkauj Yiv returned home that afternoon and immediately slipped out of her gown and got dressed before starting on dinner. Her father, stepmother, and stepsisters would be home any hour and she wouldn’t disappoint them without a cooked meal.

Nkauj Yiv – A Novella – Chapter 2

Nkauj Yiv was struck in astonishment. How had this man known her name? She froze in place. “Nkauj Yiv,” he said again. Through all the white noise that surrounded them, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from him.

Artist Saymoukda Vongsay Centers Lao History And Perspectives

In October this year, coming up on the 45th anniversary of Lao people arriving in Minnesota, Vongsay published her first book. Entitled When Everything Was Everything, it recalls Vongsay’s own memories and imaginings as a young Lao refugee in the Twin Cities.

Nkauj Yiv – A Novella

For the longest time in all of her eighteen years, Nkauj Yiv had known that she was destined to go to the RiverCentre New Year. It was the one place in the entire world that Hmong-Americans from all over America came to meet.

May Lee-Yang Brings KDrama To Light

In August Theater Mu hosted a new May Lee-Yang play entitled, “The Korean Drama Addicts Guide to Losing Your Virginity.” Hmong Times caught up with Lee-Yang and asked her about her play.

Girl In The White Dress – The Finale

That evening, Shengyeng’s older girl cousins and some of the housewives donned borrowed blue flip flops, and with pant legs folded up, knelt down before enormous pails filled with soapy water and took turns scrubbing pots, pans, plates, and silverware. It was always a scene Shengyeng enjoyed.

Girl in the White Dress – Part 6

**Attention Readers**
This is a trigger warning for trauma-survivors and persons who are sensitive to domestic violence/abuse details. Please refrain from reading the following article if you identify with these items. The following is intended for entertainment purposes only. Readers’ discretion is advised.

An Interview With Steve Thao

Steve Thao is an accomplished artist in his own right. He is also the director of CHAT (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent). He recently shared a bit about his work with Hmong Times.

Girl In The White Dress – Part 4

“Mary!” Tom exclaimed through his lowering window as his car came to a stop near the curbside. He exited the car and approached Mary’s. “What are you doing here?”

Girl In The White Dress Part 5

It was 12:30 in the afternoon, and just as Shengyeng had expected, she was sitting outside on the apartment curb by the edge of the parking lot under the port not talking to other kids. She sat there alone.

Keng Chris Yang

In 2009 Keng Chris Yang started playing guitar. He told Hmong Times, “At first I was just a singer, and my younger brother was my guitar player.”

Girl In The White Dress – Part 2

How did darkness settle in so soon? Mary wondered, shifting her attention from her front view, to her side mirrors, to her rearview mirror, and then back to her front view. Thankfully, there was no fog.

Girl In The White Dress – A Short Story Part 1

Shengyeng yawned for the 48th time that day as her dad’s car cruised over the uneven road. She tried to stretch her mouth as wide as a hippo’s, an animal that she’d seen on the PBS Channel just a few nights ago.

Memoir Of A Hmong Child A Short Story

It was a bright day that day, one like any other. It was sunny with large gliding clouds in the sky. An intermittent cool breeze blew away any sweat that dared collect at her hairline and the back of her neck which was bare due to her pony tail being tied up too high that morning.

Short Story Series: Porcelain Doll

Editor’s note: Kerry Xiong has written a series of short stories that will be published in the Hmong Times newspaper over the next several issues. The first story is the story of the Porcelain Doll.

The Hmong Documentary Series

In celebration of May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Hmong Cultural Center presents the Hmong Documentary Series at our museum exhibit center/library in St. Paul.

Joint Concert At Washington Magnet School

On March 3rd Chai Lee, a local Qeej player who was previously featured in a TPT film about the art of playing the Qeej, had an opportunity to share his work through a joint concert with the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies Concertino group.

Culture, Chicken Feet And Conical Hats

The “Cultures” are those of Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. “Chicken Feet” represents the taste and smells of the food and the colorful lifestyles of the people throughout the enchanting lands.

Story Post Template

The morning hadn’t gone as she’d hoped. Though she was able to cook a complete three course breakfast before leaving the house, Nkauj Yiv had forgotten the most important artifact before stepping out. Her shoe.

Dainty Meadows Visits Paris

Paris needs no introduction, it is the city of lights and the city of love. For as long as I could remember, it was on the top of my list of places to visit and earlier this year, on impulse, I purchased a ticket and checked it off. Regrets? Not here.