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The Hmong Times National and World section brings you highlights that affect our Hmong Community here in Minnesota. With a special attention given to honoring our veterans and their contributions to our way of life.

A Homecoming To Remember

It’s been my ritual to order a Beerlao as the plane approaches Laos. Over the years, it is always the same sense of joy, excitement, and sadness all in one feeling.

Midsummer Memories: Retracing Our Steps In Laos

Since that first excursion into Laos at Huay Xai in the mid-1990s, I have returned many times traveling the country extensively from Champasak Falls and my wife’s birthplace in Pakse, to the Bolaven Plateau.


As the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple across our nation, an escalating foreclosure crisis among FHA-insured borrowers is reaching a cataclysmic point impacting hundreds of thousands of borrowers.

States That Are Recovering the Quickest From COVID-19

The U.S. is gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and states have heavily relaxed their COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.8% from its high of 14.8% in April 2020.

MINORS ASIA – #11 In A Series For Hmong Times – Playing At Camp

Walking through the Hmong refugee camps of Ban Vinai and Chiang Kham in the late afternoon, could be heard the cry of hungry babies, the wailing of mourners, roosters fighting, the crackling fuzzy public address system in a language few understood, hammers pounding on anvils in the blacksmith shop; different sounds down every path and around every corner.