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YouTube: I’m Done!

Classic case of clickbait, did you fall for it? No, I am not quitting YouTube, but I am quitting my podcast style. Wasn’t it Jeff Bezos of Amazon who said ‘Be firm on vision but flexible on details’?

YouTube: Thumbnails

Of course, five years ago, if you asked me ‘How are your thumbnails doing?” I would naturally reply, “Well, I don’t bite them as much because I use the nail clipper.”

YouTube: GEAR

You have your idea, your audience and your niche. Let’s burn some money and buy a whole bunch of stuff at Best Buy. If you have lots of money you can stop reading now, if not, continue.

YouTube: The Why

Search Engine Optimization, analytics, algorithm, ad campaign data set, meta-information, thumbnails, tags, triggering trends; all fancy words you can use to impress your future in-laws.

YouTube: A Case Study

In college I failed calculus and had to take the course twice. I miraculously passed statistics only because the teacher was pretty good and I had a good study group, but other than that, I’ve never care too much about numbers… that is until the world of YouTube.

YouTube 101

So you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel. Let me do you a favor and give you a speedy course on what it takes to have the most successful launch. I should know, after all, at the time I’m typing this article, I have a whopping 38 subscribers to my channel.

Inside The YouTube Mind: Mom Gamers

Minecraft gaming, unboxing, vlogging. If you said these words in a full sentence five years ago, you would have gotten raised eyebrows and silence. Now, it’s how you start a conversation.

Buying a Home: How to Know How High to Go

“The interesting thing about home buying is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all process,” says Mike Dawson, Vice President of Single-Family at Freddie Mac. “After all, it’s your budget and these are your housing needs. Doing your homework to figure out what those needs are …