YouTube: I’m Done!

By Linda Xiong

Classic case of clickbait, did you fall for it? No, I am not quitting YouTube, but I am quitting my podcast style. Wasn’t it Jeff Bezos of Amazon who said ‘Be firm on vision but flexible on details’?

If you check my latest videos YouTube: Mom Gamers, you will see that I have changed my thumbnails to include my face and not my logo as the main focus. I make funny vibrant faces because that’s what the experts tell you to do is to make the thumbnails engaging (read the last issue of Hmong Times where I go into more details on thumbnails) but the biggest difference is my actual content videos. They are real, showing my face, and showing the inside of my minivan! I’ll get to that later.

Why the change? I think in the early stages of development, I wanted to try everything. Podcast was good, but the channel had mixed views and confusion on if it was a mother’s channel or a gaming channel. Plus what makes me love YouTube is the eye-to-eye connection, seeing this person in whatever way, shape they are.

Let me tell you, it is a dose of a rude awakening! Truth be told, I don’t even like to look at a photo of myself that much, and now I have to edit rescrub over and over an entire ten minute video! Sometimes, the best lessons do come from the hardest. I’ve learned to try to talk better. I’ve had to work on facial muscles and facial jerks. I’ve had to learn to STOP looking at the screen and instead look at the tiny camera lens, but mostly I’ve had to make sure I’m connecting to you, the viewer.

So, this minivan, I mentioned that. My new fully focused angle is making content videos surrounding my minivan. Podcast offered something that I loved: which is talking about mom topics, but I want to try something new, that will be more permanent and has a better branding business side, is another thing I really enjoy, my minivan. It offers a laser-focused niche, connecting mothers or families to this universal image of the minivan. There is a rotating content of making fun games in the car, to minivan trips to minivan accessories. So far, it’s been fun making the videos.

As I’m typing this I realize that you are seeing my evolution process of developing a YouTube channel. It’s not as straightforward as you’d think right? There are many angles, much success and most importantly many failures. I am eager to see where this takes my channel and all the new things I will learn.

So, as always, watch Mom Gamers on YouTube and if you like it please consider subscribing. Watch for the next issue of Hmong Times where I list some of my favorite YouTubers and tell you the reasons why I like them.

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