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Our Hmong Times Health section delivers valuable information to the Hmong Community regarding pending health issues, ways to stay healthy, articles from medical professionals regarding health issues we all face.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Traditional Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends are fun but can increase the chances of getting or spreading COVID-19 or the flu. Follow these tips to make your Thanksgiving holiday safer.

Get A Flu Vaccine!

Flu and COVID-19 are spreading this fall and winter. A flu vaccine is one of the best ways to stop the flu. It is more important than ever to do what we can to stop illnesses like flu so we do not have more sick people in our hospitals.

Kids Deserve A Shot

Governor Walz announced the launch of “Kids Deserve a Shot,” a vaccine incentive program encouraging Minnesotans 12-17 years old to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Education

A conversation with Jessica Kingston, North Memorial Health’s System Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Dr. Meetul Shah a family medicine physician and Chief Medical Informatics Officer at North Memorial Health.

People With Certain Medical Conditions

Adults of any age with the conditions listed below can be more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19.  COVID-19 vaccines may be administered to most people with underlying medical conditions.