Hmong Times Education

The Hmong Times Education section delivers in depth articles that report on anything that is important to the education of our Hmong citizens. You will find information pertaining to all levels of education, from Elementary education, High School, Vocational School or College. You will also find information about current and pending legislation that pertains to the quality of our communities education.

College, Community College, Trade School – Which Is The Best Choice?

When it comes to higher education, modern students have a number of choices in pursing certifications and degrees to help them reach their future career goals. While many students choose to enroll in a traditional brick and mortar college or online college degree program, there is also the option of furthering your education through a community college or trade school.

Hmong Student Book Reading Series

Students involved in a Hmong class at Park Center Senior High School recently published three books. They are the first Hmong student authors ever to publish with the Hmong Education Resources Publisher, a one of a kind publisher that provides services for Hmong students, teachers, writers, educators, researchers, and graphic artists.

Back-To-School Preparation

A new school year is almost here and parents are faced with financial and organizational challenges. How do you prepare your home for some of the busiest days of your lives?

Tips To Prevent Summer Brain Drain

(StatePoint) Studies show that summer brain drain can be a formidable force, setting kids’ progress back over the long break from the classroom. But you can help kids avoid losing their academic mojo.