Hmong Times Education

The Hmong Times Education section delivers in depth articles that report on anything that is important to the education of our Hmong citizens. You will find information pertaining to all levels of education, from Elementary education, High School, Vocational School or College. You will also find information about current and pending legislation that pertains to the quality of our communities education.

The Hmong Times’ Focus On Education Series

The Hmong Times is creating a summer-long series promoting education – Pre K, K-12 and Higher Education. Over 40% of the students in the Twin Cities come from a diverse background.

Teaching Your Kids About Saving Money

Parenting is a big role that men and women take on when their children are born. Besides providing basic needs, many parents would agree that giving their children as much as they possibly can is something they strive to do.

What To Know About Applying For College Financial Aid

(StatePoint) Heading to college or grad school next school year for the first time or as a returning student? Don’t forget to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for academic year 2019-20.