Community Engagement Initiatives Are Critical To The Success Of Noble Academy

By Mai Sue Yang



The establishment and maintenance of a thriving charter school necessitates deliberate effort and planning. Noble Academy emphasizes the significance of comprehensive community engagement as a key element contributing to its success. The school’s approach involves various initiatives aimed at actively involving the community. For example, at the commencement of each school year, teachers conduct home visits to familiarize themselves with the students’ backgrounds, interests, and life experiences. This engagement serves to facilitate a strong rapport between teachers and families, ultimately contributing to improved academic performance.

In addition to home visits, the school organizes the annual Open House, designed to encourage parental participation and provide an opportunity for parents to familiarize themselves with the school environment, meet teachers, and gain insights into the curriculum and available support systems. Furthermore, parent-teacher conferences play a pivotal role in Noble Academy’s family engagement program, offering a structured platform for goal setting, academic progress review, and issue resolution. These events also incorporate activities such as book fairs and catering company food testing, enhancing the overall experience for parents.

The school also organizes various annual events, including EL (English Learner) night, Turkey Bingo, New Year/Talent show, and the highly popular school carnival in June. These events not only foster a strong home-school connection but also attract former students and community members, affirming their significance as cherished traditions. Notably, the school engages in strategic partnerships with neighboring organizations, businesses, and local artists to ensure the success of these events.

One of the highlights of the academic year is the school’s focus on environmental education through after-school sessions. This initiative aims to educate students, teachers, and families on topics such as gardening and sustainable practices. Superintendent Dr. Mai Yia Chang underscores the educational value of these activities, emphasizing the development of leadership skills and the early introduction of sustainable practices to students.

Furthermore, Noble Academy actively seeks feedback from families to inform the development of before and after-school activities, leading to the successful introduction of initiatives such as the volleyball program. CEO Mr. Neal Thao emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and responsiveness to marginalized voices in shaping the school’s offerings. Moreover, the school collaborates with local organizations and businesses, such as The Twin Cities Road Crew, Brooklyn Park Police Department, and Robb Holla, to address crucial topics including vaping, bullying, and recycling through informative assemblies.

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