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The Hmong Times Sports and Outdoors section shares information about the great outdoors in Minnesota and delivers coverage of your favorite sports team. Staying involved and active in the outdoors and sharing the excitement of our local teams helps maintain a sense of well being and community.


A Dual Role

State parks as playgrounds and important research laboratories.

Minnesota Bison Conservation Herd Helps Preserve Natural Legacy

As the sun rises on a crisp October morning, Blue Mounds State Park comes to life with a buzz of activity. More than two dozen workers and volunteers gather under a bright blue sky for a special mission focused on America’s largest and most iconic animal.

Deer Opener Information Available

Minnesota’s firearms deer season begins half an hour before sunrise on Saturday, November 7, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources expects nearly half a million hunters to participate.

It’s Time For Fall

Minnesota’s seasons can change quickly. It often seems that just when you get settled into a summer routine, summer ends. That was doubly true this year.

DNR: Deer Hunters Should Plan Ahead And Check Latest Rules

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is encouraging anyone planning to hunt deer in the state this fall to plan ahead and check for updated rules regarding chronic wasting disease before heading out into the woods and fields.

Trumpeting Success, Swans Make Comeback

Weighing 25 to 30 pounds, with a wingspan up to eight feet long, trumpeter swans are Minnesota’s largest native birds — big, fluffy and white, a picture of majesty and grace.

Why The Turtle Crosses The Road

Want to help preserve one of the coolest parts of Minnesota’s natural history, something that pre-dates dinosaurs but still can be found all across the state?

How Wildlife Handles Winter

To many Minnesotans at this time of year, Winter can start to feel a little like a long road trip to Spring – are we there yet? As mammals, we humans seem to keep having to fight off the urge to slumber the winter away, to hibernate like a bat in a cave until April.

Winter Camping – Fun Without The Mosquitoes

Wayne Boerner has a little secret he’d like to share with anyone who enjoys camping but likes to get away from all the other people that one sometimes finds at popular campgrounds. Try it in winter.

From None To Many – The Resurgence Of Wild Turkeys In Minnesota

The next time you see a wild turkey, offer a silent thank you to the state of Missouri. Yes, Missouri. Also, consider a quiet thanks to the Department of Natural Resource wildlife specialists who trapped, moved, and ultimately helped reintroduce the once overhunted birds to the state.

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

If like me, you find 48 degrees to be a nearly perfect temperature, visit the cave and beat the heat. If like me you seek a family-friendly day trip that offers something valuable for both children and adults, visit the cave.

Camping With Kids: Well Worth The Effort

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we promised ourselves that having kids wouldn’t mean abandoning our active lifestyle. We knew we’d have to make adjustments, but we also believed that children provide more reasons than ever to get outdoors.

Outdoor Skills Expo

Whether you are preparing for the next global pandemic, planning an epic National Park adventure or just trying to survive your next family car or river camping trip, this event is for you!

Make Maple Syrup For A Sweet Taste Of Spring!

Hundreds of years ago, before there were weather reports or thermometers, Minnesota’s Ojibwe Indians kept an eye on the natural world around them to tell them when Spring was on its way.

When Nature Gives You Ice, Go Ice Fishing!

Ice fishing is one of the coolest things you can do during the winter months in Minnesota. It’s like having a huge boat made of ice, which allows you to access every single part of the lake (without the expense or hassle of an actual boat). Way cool, if you ask me!