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The Hmong Times Sports and Outdoors section shares information about the great outdoors in Minnesota and delivers coverage of your favorite sports team. Staying involved and active in the outdoors and sharing the excitement of our local teams helps maintain a sense of well being and community.


Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

If like me, you find 48 degrees to be a nearly perfect temperature, visit the cave and beat the heat. If like me you seek a family-friendly day trip that offers something valuable for both children and adults, visit the cave.

Camping With Kids: Well Worth The Effort

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we promised ourselves that having kids wouldn’t mean abandoning our active lifestyle. We knew we’d have to make adjustments, but we also believed that children provide more reasons than ever to get outdoors.

Outdoor Skills Expo

Whether you are preparing for the next global pandemic, planning an epic National Park adventure or just trying to survive your next family car or river camping trip, this event is for you!

Make Maple Syrup For A Sweet Taste Of Spring!

Hundreds of years ago, before there were weather reports or thermometers, Minnesota’s Ojibwe Indians kept an eye on the natural world around them to tell them when Spring was on its way.

When Nature Gives You Ice, Go Ice Fishing!

Ice fishing is one of the coolest things you can do during the winter months in Minnesota. It’s like having a huge boat made of ice, which allows you to access every single part of the lake (without the expense or hassle of an actual boat). Way cool, if you ask me!

Embrace Winter On A Pair Of Snowshoes

Linda Radimecky holds the key to another world, one that’s accessible only part of the year. Her key has a history that spans thousands of years and two continents. If you’re interested, she’d be happy to share.

A Treasure On The St. Croix – William O’Brien State Park

You may have seen stories in this paper from Minnesota Parks and Trails about the benefits of walking. But walk where? Consider William O’Brien State Park, which is about an hour north of the Twin Cities and features miles of walking trails along the banks of the St. Croix River.


Register kids ages 6-12 for naturalist-led day camps on no school days throughout the year! Explore outdoors, get messy and learn by doing. Spend days off in nature’s classroom while having fun playing in the park at North Mississippi.

Deer Hunting Season Information

The updated 2018 deer season information can be accessed through these links, documents and interactive map on the Minnesota DNR website. Many permit areas across the state have similar or more liberal management designations this year to address growing deer populations.

Hunting Safety

Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than an accident. Drowning, hypothermia, getting lost, falls from tree stands or just spraining an ankle are among the perils awaiting hunters ill prepared for a trip afield.

How To Learn And Even Photograph The Night Sky

When you look into a clear night sky away from the lights of a city, how much do you recognize? With a flat surface to look from, minimal equipment and a clear night, you can learn the basics of astronomy and eventually may even take pictures of the night sky.

Outdoor Skills Workshop For Women Scheduled For Sept. 14-16

Women can hike to spectacular views of autumn colors and Lake Superior on the horizon during a three-day fall workshop that teaches a variety of outdoor skills through the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Prepare Now For A Safe Boating Season

Before hitting the water for the first time this spring, boaters should ensure their boats, equipment and safety items are in legal and proper working order, the Department of Natural Resources said.

New Estimate Shows Healthy Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass Population

Since the late 1990s, Mille Lacs Lake has become an increasingly popular destination for anglers who want to catch trophy-sized smallmouth bass. Until now, it wasn’t known how many of these fish – prized more for their fight than their fillets – called the lake home.