10 Things I’ve Learned From Doing YouTube For The Past 9 Months

By Linda Xiong

Hello! I hope I still have your loyal attention. Okay, so you’ve decided to really give this YouTube thing a try. You’ve convinced yourself that you have the best subject to do videos on and with 100% real logic, you know you will have 1 million views and 10,000 subscribers the next day. Before you hit publish, let me share with you 10 things I’ve learned from doing YouTube on my channel, GOminivan.

  1. It’s very hard work (and it’s going to suck at the beginning). There are so, so many things to set up at first. Getting or having a decent computer, editing software, properly labeled and findable folders on your PC desktop, collection of png images, sound stock. Then there’s shooting and then there is editing and then there is getting good at uploading with best metadata and tags after searching Google Trends and putting up end pages and finally pushing it on your social media. Tired yet? Plus everything is self-driven and up to you on how hard you want to push yourself. Want to collaborate? Want a real logo avatar and banner? The list goes on.
  2. Smartphone cameras are pretty darn good. I have an LG from two years ago. It’s my only camera. I am satisfied with its quality and versatility. Plus, YouTube’s subculture seems to do well with more personable camera than ultra-rich high quality studio production. So, don’t feel like you have to buy that bulky DSLR, at least not right away.
  3. Try to have the best audio you can afford. Do NOT rely on your smartphone camera’s microphone. Take the extra $20 and get a wired (at least three feet) lavalier mic. Your audience will thank you later and it’s less cringing to edit.
  4. Try to develop a personality (even if it takes 270 video tries). At first, you will sound very dull, your eyes like a deer in headlights. Naturally when the camera is on we tend to freeze up. But do not worry, with time and practice you will ease up and have more emotion. Try to be a tad bit more animated. A rule of thumb: the camera adds on 10 pounds, but takes away 50% of your energy. Trust me on this one.
  5. Hone down on your niche. Some people, when they start, want to cover everything under the moon because heck ‘I’m an interesting person! People will like the things I like.’ No, no they won’t. Audience wants to be given real straight information. Easy and fast to process. If your channel is about everything, it eventually becomes a channel about nothing.
  6. Edit is my mortal enemy! Video edit is grueling, long and tedious. It’s the last thing I want to do and I always end up putting it off. Try to be an adult about it. Make a schedule, do not procrastinate, when shooting the video, shoot as though you’re editing mode so there’s less cuts to make.
  7. Try to copy the masters. There’s so much content out there. Try to see how they shoot their video and style. Another thing I wanted to add, I’ve notice that you can get through many doors by being kind and professional. If you want to collaborate? Be kind and professional. If you want to interview someone? Be kind and professional.
  8. Men vs. Women. Ahhh. You will like this one. Women have to look presentable. Make-up, hair, earrings. Men can literally roll out of bed, unshaven with an old t-shirt and have a wildly successful channel. Call me sexist, but see if I’m wrong.
  9. Just gotta DO IT! For this one reason, to attain new muscle memory. How does a three star Michelin chef get to be where they are? By cutting onions for two years straight. What about a top performing ballerina? By practicing day and night for five years. Do it and don’t give up!
  10. I still like YouTube, even more. YouTube is crazy. Yes, there will always be a double edge sword – both good and bad. But where else can you find a lady tasting ration packs that’s 50 years old. Or learn how to crochet, or listen to Bill Gates wise questions and answers, or see how people live in tiny homes? There’s a labyrinth of uniqueness and creativity that exist nowhere else. And you don’t even need to log in!

I hope you liked my list. I can’t wait to subscribe to your channel, until then, check out GOminivan and if you like, remember to subscribe and hit the bell notification.

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