UIN and Dynasty Media Forge Groundbreaking Partnership To Revolutionize Media

By Selen Kianga Moore, UIN New York IPTV




UIN and Dynasty Media team up to revolutionize the media industry. This groundbreaking partnership will transform the media landscape.

UIN, the pioneering force behind the “Un-Cable Network,” is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Dynasty Media, a trailblazer in serving Black-owned and multi-ethnic publishers and content creators. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the media landscape, poised to reshape the way news, original programming, and entertainment are delivered to audiences worldwide.

UIN and its assembly of online news affiliates like newyorkiptv, wadciptc, detiptv, and more, has over 350,000 monthly visitors and a growing online presence. With Dynasty Media’s extensive reach this partnership promises to redefine the standards of how news is consumed, closing the “news desert,” gap locally and globally.

UIN has long been at the forefront of the IPTV revolution, earning the prestigious “Journalism that Matters” award in 2010. Recognized as an innovator, UIN has established itself as an independent platform for community-focused news and information. New York IPTV will become one of the leading affiliates of UIN and will continue to educate, entertain, and inspire, spotlighting stories often overlooked by mainstream media.

Dynasty Media brings a wealth of experience in revenue generation, education, project management, and capacity building services to the table. Having generated over $4.5 million in print and digital media buy revenue for its publishing partners since 2020, and launching successful initiatives like DISC USA and DISCPlus, Dynasty Media has proven its commitment to empowering publishers and content creators.

Together, UIN and Dynasty Media will:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Dynasty Media,” said a UIN representative. “This partnership represents how smart collaboration, innovation and diversity, allows us to amplify voices, promote community engagement, and drive meaningful change in the media industry.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration with UIN,” remarked David Beckford, CEO at Dynasty Media. “Together, we will elevate storytelling, celebrate cultural diversity, and empower underrepresented voices like never before.”

UIN with community access and online reach nationally and globally, offers an independent source of viable information. Dynasty Media has a combined digital imprint of over 8 million monthly social and web visitors, followers, and an extensive network of publishers and media partners. This partnership is poised to make a significant impact in media and within communities worldwide. 

About UIN the un-cable network:

UIN is an undeniable force in the IPTV industry, dedicated to delivering relevant news, original programming, and entertainment to audiences worldwide. With a focus on community empowerment and inclusivity, UIN continues to push the boundaries of news and modern media. A proud member of B.O.M.A. (Black Owners Media Alliance.)

About Dynasty Media:

Dynasty Media is a leading provider of revenue, education, project management, and capacity building services for Black-owned and multi-ethnic publishers and content creators. Through initiatives like DISC USA, DISCPlus, and strategic partnerships with the Hmong Times, the Diverse News Networks, Diversifieds.com and TCB Marketing, Dynasty Media is committed to empowering voices, driving innovation, and fostering diversity in the media landscape.

For more information about UIN TV please visit:  https://uintv.net/

For more information about Dynasty Media please visit: https://dynastymediaagency.com/

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