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The Hmong Times Sports and Outdoors section shares information about the great outdoors in Minnesota and delivers coverage of your favorite sports team. Staying involved and active in the outdoors and sharing the excitement of our local teams helps maintain a sense of well being and community.


Snowmobiling – Like A Sledding Hill That Just Goes On And On

If you’ve ever enjoyed the rush of sledding down a steep, snowy hill only to wish the slope went on forever and you didn’t have to walk back up to do it again, you might want to look into snowmobiling, one of Minnesota’s most popular outdoor winter activities.

On Thin Ice – Teaching Kids The Dangers Of Ice

Now is the time to talk to kids about the dangers of thin ice. As temperatures continue to dip below freezing, ice is forming on many lakes, ponds and rivers. But conditions vary across the state.

A Walk In The Park, Great For Your Body And Soul

Consider the mountainous forests of Laos and then consider the forested hills of a Minnesota state park. You may wonder what those two locations have in common, other than the fact that each exists on planet earth.

Tips To Heat Your Home Affordably This Winter

Climate control accounts for almost half the energy use in a typical U.S. home and is also the largest energy expense for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple solutions, you can be friendlier toward…