Hmong Times Education

The Hmong Times Education section delivers in depth articles that report on anything that is important to the education of our Hmong citizens. You will find information pertaining to all levels of education, from Elementary education, High School, Vocational School or College. You will also find information about current and pending legislation that pertains to the quality of our communities education.

What Is Your Ideal College?

You might have heard that there’s an “aha” moment when you realize a college is just right for you. That feeling does not arrive out of the blue.

How To Become A Teacher In Minnesota

A teacher is a person who has the ability to activate curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in others, and you have decided to become one. The following are the steps to help you become a teacher in Minnesota.

A Look At HAP

Young Learners Get a Jump Start on the Future at Hmoob Toj Siab Children’s House, the Nation’s First Hmong-English Montessori School

Back-To-School Preparation

A new school year is here and parents are faced with financial and organizational challenges. How do you prepare your home for some of the busiest days of your lives?

Top Saving For College Trends

(StatePoint) Parents are socking away more money for their children’s higher education, and they are doing so in smarter ways, suggests a new report from Sallie Mae.