Hmong Times Education

The Hmong Times Education section delivers in depth articles that report on anything that is important to the education of our Hmong citizens. You will find information pertaining to all levels of education, from Elementary education, High School, Vocational School or College. You will also find information about current and pending legislation that pertains to the quality of our communities education.

7 Tips For Managing Your Student Loan Debt

About 43 million Americans currently carry student loan debt.1 If you’re trying to establish or keep your financial footing, you know how challenging and sometimes overwhelming it can be to navigate your payments simultaneously.

Back-To-School Preparation

A new school year is almost here and parents are faced with financial and organizational challenges. How do you prepare your home for some of the busiest days of your lives?

Choosing A School: Know The Options For Your Child

Your local public school is close by and probably where most of the kids in your neighborhood go. But it isn’t the only option. There are many different types of schools out there, public and private.

Parents And Caregivers Remain Optimistic, Despite Barriers

(StatePoint) A new survey from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that most parents and caregivers in the United States are optimistic about their children’s futures, but see clear barriers to helping them grow up to be independent, financially stable, and healthy.