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The Hmong Times National and World section brings you highlights that affect our Hmong Community here in Minnesota. With a special attention given to honoring our veterans and their contributions to our way of life.

MINORS ASIA – #10 In A Series For Hmong Times Children At Work

Wandering the winding footpaths and dirt roads in the Hmong refugee camps in northern Thailand decades ago, one encountered men and women busily going about their daily tasks, as we saw in the last installment of this series*. Another level of work activity was just as evident in camp, the everyday chores of children.

MINORS ASIA – 2nd In A Series For Hmong Times

As we interview for our book and exhibition projects those who made the often perilous journey from Laos to seek refuge in Thailand in the decades after 1975, we hear stories that reflect the suffering, the shock and grief of separation or loss of family members, the pervasive fear, and the tremendous confusion that came with their escapes.