The Reality Of This Pandemic

 By Sophia Lee




During this deadly pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been praised over and over for its quick work in “defeating” the coronavirus.

In March, many news networks were quick to applaud the CCP for containing the virus and putting the correct measures in getting rid of Covid-19. However, these same media never showed the suffering of ordinary Chinese citizens who were forcibly locked in their homes, beaten or arrested for walking outside without a mask, and refused treatment at hospitals.

Now in May, a second outbreak is occurring in China with several cities in lockdown, and the regular Chinese will lose their basic human rights.

The CCP has from the beginning, lied to the world about the reality of the virus and continues to do so, going so far as to silence anyone who talks about it, including Dr. Wenliang Li who was the first to release the news of Covid-19.

That is why it is more appropriate to call the coronavirus, the CCP virus, to remind us that it is the Chinese regime that allowed the virus to spread to the world and put all of our lives in harm and in disarray.

Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown of this virus, has caused several racist people to correlate the Chinese regime to the Chinese people. This thinking is wrong as the Chinese people should not be blamed, for they are also suffering under communist rule. These same racist people have turned to violence or unwelcoming acts to anybody they deem “Chinese.”

Several people in the Hmong community in Minnesota have been affected and it should be condemned. The media though, have caused undue panic by creating this picture that Asians are always in danger because racism has grown in America.

I can’t justify that thinking because there will always be racist people who will use any reason to justify their cowardly acts. We should remember there are more good and kind people, and neither should we feel scared of what will happen when we walk outside. If we are scared, then we have let the racists win.

The Hmong people have survived the persecution from the Chinese in the early 1800’s, survived World War II in assisting the French, survived the Secret War in the 1960’s, survived the Pathet Lao (in which many Hmong people escaped into Thailand) after 1975, and I know that we can survive the few cases of racist acts against Asians during this pandemic.

I don’t want the freedom we take for granted to be taken away in exchange for fear and control. We cannot let the Chinese regime change America into their image by supporting their actions and allowing fear to taint democracy.