The Hmong Times’ Focus On Education Series

By Kim Yang


The Hmong Times is creating a summer-long series promoting education – Pre K, K-12 and Higher Education. Over 40% of the students in the Twin Cities come from a diverse background. The Hmong Times’ Focus On Education series is the perfect way become fully educated on the options and opportunities available for your children.

Biweekly features include:

  • Top Hmong Students
  • Choosing A School
  • A Career In Education
  • A Summer To Do Checklist
  • K-12: Charter, Public, Private
  • Colleges And Technical Schools
  • Grants And Scholarships
  • Student Loans
  • Preparing For College And Managing Student Debt
  • School Athletics, School Activities And Clubs

End of the year school awards are a popular part of elementary, middle and high school traditions, because children love to be rewarded for not only their hard work academically, but also their character and efforts outside of the classroom.

In the next issue of Hmong Times we will be recognizing some of the Top Hmong Students from local Twin Cities high schools.

The Hmong Times’ Student Recognition Program is designed to recognize graduating seniors for their exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship, athletics, volunteer service, etc. If students are nominated for a reason besides academics, they should have demonstrated at least average academic effort, good school attendance and good discipline.

Things to consider when recommending a graduating senior for recognition would include, but not be limited to students with outstanding academics as well as extra effort, character, leadership, and perfect attendance.

If you have a senior that is graduating this year from high school and would like to recognize them for their accomplishments please complete the following information and submit it for inclusion in the June 20th issue of Hmong Times in the Student Recognition Program.

Note… nominations will be limited to two seniors per school.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate these much deserving seniors as they move onto accomplish even more in their bright futures.

Hmong Times’ Student Recognition Program

Email the following information to:

Senior’s Name

School Attended

Parent / Guardian Name


Possible Major

Favorite Quote

Additionally please include an image/photo of the senior to accompany their information.