The Hmong Folk Arts Experience Exhibit


The Hmong Cultural Center is excited to announce the launch of the new Hmong Folk Arts Experience interactive museum exhibit at its museum center in St. Paul. Visitors learn about key Hmong Folk Arts forms including the Qeej instrument and its role in the Hmong Funeral Ceremony, Hmong Wedding and Funeral Songs, the Ncas and Two-String Violin instruments, Hmong Sung Poetry as well as the Embroidery Tradition. Visitors can hear and see all of these art forms through object displays, narrative display panels and interactive ipad stations. This exhibit was designed in partnership with Museology Museum Services and Design Uake. Highlighted in the unique exhibit are working performing artists at the Hmong Cultural Center including masters in the Qeej instrument and wedding and funeral songs, important art forms that the center has taught to the Hmong Minnesota community in St. Paul for more than 25 years.

Txongpao Lee, Executive Director of Hmong Cultural Center stated, “HCC has taught hundreds about the Hmong Folk Arts traditions in our classes the past many years. This new museum exhibit will allow us to share with an even broader audience of Hmong young people and non-Hmong about the richness of the Hmong Folk Arts tradition and the extremely important continuing role of these art forms in our culture.”

Walk-in visitors are welcome 9-6 M-F by appointment with a suggested donation of $5.00. Prescheduled guided group tours may also be booked for a fee. Learn more about visiting HCC’s museum exhibit center here:

About Hmong Cultural Center

About Hmong Cultural Center: Founded in 1992, Hmong Cultural Center’s mission is to promote the personal development of children, youth, and adults through Hmong cultural education while providing resources that enhance cross-cultural awareness and understanding between Hmong and non-Hmong persons. The community is very welcome to visit HCC and enroll in our programs including English and Citizenship classes, Cultural Arts Instruction, Museum exhibits and Library. To learn more about programs at Hmong Cultural Center call 651-917-9937 or stop by the center at 375 University Avenue, Suite 204 in St. Paul. The center’s website is at