The Hmong American New Year At The Minnesota State Fair Grounds






Winter in Falcon Heights, Minnesota will not be the same this year as the 23rd annual Hmong New Year festival at Lee and Rose Warner Coliseum on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds is called off due to COVID-19. 2021 has been another year of challenge, loss, education, and adaptation for the human race across the globe, and the cancellation of this beloved Hmong festival is just one more tragedy.

Recently the committee for the Hmong American New Year released the following statement:

Hmong American New Year is held annually at the end of the year, however due to the increase in COVID cases, last year’s event was cancelled. Though over 50% of Minnesota residents over the age of 12 has had their first dose of the COVID vaccine, there has been an increase of the DELTA Variant which is a stronger, more easily transferrable version of COVID-19.

For the safety of the Hmong community and the public, Hmong American New Year board members have formally decided to announce the cancellation of this year 2021-2022 Hmong American New Year celebration held every year at the Minnesota State Fair.

Again, our organization is dedicated in providing opportunities for various individuals to enjoy the Hmong tradition are saddened to be cancelling this event again where people can come together, sending out the old and bringing in the new year. We would like to thank our partners, supporters, competition participants, sponsors, and yearly attendees for your continuous interest and support for our event.

We encourage the community to continue to practice safe protocols as directed by your local governors or state health officials. We wish everyone a safe and healthy year and look forward to hopefully seeing you all at our next celebration in 2022.

Thank you,

Hmong American New Year Committee

Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab 2021 rau sawv daws. Happy Hmong New Year 2021 to all.