Organic Farming 101 Class – Let’s Get Your Organic Farm Plan Together

WHEN:  February 5 to April 2 Monday Evenings

TIME:  6:00-8:00pm

WHERE:  University of Minnesota, Ford Hall 400

OFFERED BY:  The Women’s Environmental Institute

Adult education/college level course/preparation for farming  


Some classes may be held on Saturdays at the WEI farm.

INSTRUCTOR:  Jacquelyn Zita, WEI Farm Manager

This 9-week course is an in depth study designed to grow organic farmers and the knowledge needed for whole farm planning and management using the principles and practices of organic agro-ecological farming. The class will provide students an opportunity to design your own organic farm plan, develop the systems you need to manage farm, organize the materials you need for the coming year, and create a business plan for a full farming season.  The class is coordinated and taught by Professor Emerita Jacquelyn Zita, Farm Manager and Education Director for the Women’s Environmental Institute.  The class is appropriate for small-scale urban and rural farmers, and all kinds of market or family gardeners.


  1. To develop an understanding of the historical, biological and ecological basis for the principles of organic farming and WEI’s mission to grow food and farming justice,
  2. To create a coordinated farm management and farm planning systems
  3. To acquire skills and techniques for seed selection, tray seeding, transplanting, direct seeding, harvesting, and storing produce guided by your farm plan
  4. To learn the basic principles of soil health management through the use of cover crops, compost and other organic and mineral amendments,
  5. To acquire an understanding of organic methods for pest and weed control
  6. To acquire basic knowledge of nutrient deficiencies and plant diseases, and organic treatment options
  7. To create helpful strategies and knowledge for post-harvest food handling and storage and layout for washing and packing
  8. To provide an overview of information on organic certification, the new Farm Safety Modernization Act, Cottage Production Regulations, and GAP Certification
  9. To explore the options of four-season farming, extending the season and aquaponics
  10. To know what you should do next with your farm plan for the 2018 season ready to go!

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