May Lor Xiong Wins The MN GOP Congressional District 4 Endorsement

By Jesse Garza



May Lor Xiong won the GOP Minnesota Congressional District 4 endorsement at the district convention on April 23rd.

“I am so humbled and honored to have been endorsed by the delegates at the Republican Party of Minnesota

Congressional District 4 convention. Our nation faces strong currents in all corners of Congressional District 4, the Great State of Minnesota, and our nation. Every day we go to work to provide for our families only to see our dollar is becoming harder and harder to stretch to our next paycheck. We have that sinking feeling when we stand at that gas pump every time, we measure the cost of the fuel it takes us to get to work to provide for our families, bring our kids to school or to their sporting event. The people of Minnesota and this country have had enough. They want new leadership. I look forward to winning in November as we fight for the good people of this district to protect their American Dreams,” stated May Lor Xiong.

May Lor Thao is the proud mother of four, she lives in the heart of St. Paul, just blocks north of the Capitol. May immigrated to America at the age of 8 as a Hmong refugee. She has both a BA and Masters degree in Education from Concordia University and has been an ESL teacher in the St. Paul school district for 20 years, and also supported her family as a real estate broker for eight years.

Meet May Xiong and watch her story:

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