Lao Family Community of Minnesota, Inc.’s Future Mission

By Xue Lee ChongNeng, President Lao Family of Minnesota



For 40 years the organization of Lao Family of Minnesota has been helping hundreds of thousands Hmong refugees from Southeast Asia, after the Vietnam War, arrive in the United States of America and the state of Minnesota since 1983 as well as helping other non-Hmong people. In looking back to the past, it was very beneficial to the Hmong community and other non-Hmong peoples to help train them to get better jobs, to help support their families, for better English speaking, and improvement on their education. Many Hmong welfare families have children who became teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, City Council members, state representatives, state senators, city judges, county judges, engineers, manufacturing, and business owners. We have found that the building of the Lao Family Community of Minnesota is old and needs to be upgraded and rebuilt in the future because the Hmong population in Minnesota is growing larger than ever. This primary location is for all Hmong to be used all year round to celebrate traditional Hmong cultures and other activities. We plan to rebuild the Lao Family Community of Minnesota building for a bigger and better facility for the Hmong people and others to use it. We have around 75,000 Hmong living in Minnesota and need to use the Lao Family Community of Minnesota building for essential activities, programs, leadership training, meetings, and Hmong leadership offices.

Our Hmong issues of leadership are outstanding issues indeed. We have chosen to profile many American Hmong leaders whose contributions have paved the way for Hmong community development. The Hmong community leaders are slowly becoming a micro chasm of the world’s small population. Our involvement spans schools, the larger community, the public, extraordinary developments, government agencies, and independent business corporations.

Although this issue highlights Hmong leaders, I must say that this is only a small portion of a growing number of Hmong leaders and activists. Indeed, there are many more Hmong leaders working for common goals.  It is certainly not our intent to ignore or exclude your work.  Great leaders create a difference.  For a better Hmong future, we need all Hmong leaders to partner together to share their thoughts and ideas with us and we make a great decision to plan our Hmong setting goals for the next 100 years to achieve the Hmong and General Vang Pao’s dreams.

The Lao Family Community of Minnesota, Inc. announces the plans for a new building project. ALL are invited to come to the public meeting on August 13, 2022 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Lao Family Community, Inc. building located at 320 University Avenue W, St. Paul, MN 55103 where they will be discussing the new building project. The new building will serve as a Hmong community center as well as affordable living housing for the community.

Please join us.

President Xue Lee Chongneng

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