Hmong Studies Journal Publishes Education Issue

Hmong Cultural Center’s partner, the Hmong Studies Journal has published a new special issue focusing on contemporary concerns and issues in Hmong American education.

Dr. Mark Pfeifer, Editor of the Hmong Studies Journal stated, “The Hmong American Education Special Issue of the journal includes articles on key topics contemporary scholars are grappling with related to Hmong American populations including critical race theory applications to the Hmong experience, the unique experiences of Hmong graduate students and Hmong male secondary students as well as the importance of certain social and emotional skills and supports for Hmong Student Achievement. I am particularly grateful to our guest issue editors: Dr. Soua Xiong and Dr. Song E. Lee of Fresno State University along with a team of expert reviewers in Hmong American education for their hard work on making this important special issue which advances contemporary research in Hmong American education possible.”

Research articles in the Education special issue include:

Critical Race Theory and Hmong American Education

By Christin DePouw

Navigating Graduate Education as a First-generation, Hmong American Woman: An Autoethnography

By Manee Moua

Hmong Male Youth and School Choice in a Neoliberal Era

By Kari Smalkoski

The Role of Social and Emotional Skills and Supports for Hmong Student Achievement

By Kory Vue and Michael C. Rodriguez

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