Hmong College Prep Academy Hosts Twelfth Senior Graduation Ceremony

By Dave Bonko


Hmong College Prep Academy hosted their thirteenth graduation ceremony on Friday, June 7th.

“We are very proud of this group of graduating seniors,” stated Superintendent Dr. Christianna Hang. “They’ve worked very hard to earn their high school degree. We wish them the best in the next chapter of their lives.”

Dr. Hang added that HCPA students have been accepted to many of the region’s leading colleges and universities including:

·       University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

·       Winona State

·       St. Cloud State

·       Hamline University

·       University of MN-Duluth

·       St. Thomas University

·       St. Catherine University

·       Bethel University

·       St. Mary’s University ·       College of St. Benedict

Of HCPA’s 2019 senior class, 96% met all of the necessary requirements to receive their diploma. 79% have been accepted and confirmed enrollment to a college or university for the fall 2019 term.

In addition, students who had been with HCPA since their ninth grade year also had a graduation rate of 99%.

“Studies will show how important it is for students to remain at the same school throughout their high school career,” stated HCPA School Counselor Cecelia Lee. “School credit consistency, curriculum goals, learning environment and access to additional educational opportunities are far less likely to change when a student remains at the same school. As we’ve seen at HCPA, the end result is a balanced, uniform and academically successful high school experience.”

HCPA’s Class of 2019 was also awarded over $5.8 million dollars in scholarship and grants, over four years, from the schools to which they were accepted. Lee credits this success to the school’s College Prep (CP) Program.

“From kindergarten on, HCPA students are exposed to the concept that they will be going to college. The CP Program provides students with the necessary resources to find a college experience that matches their interests and career goals. The program also helps students and parents apply for scholarships and financial aid.”

The sights of Hmong College Prep Academy’s 2019 Graduation Ceremony. Photographs by James Netz Photography