Hmong College Prep Academy Hosts Annual Student Interview Competition

By Dave Bonko


Hmong College Prep Academy recently hosted the school’s annual interview contest.

“A major goal of our CP, college prep, program is to provide our students with a great academic experience as well as opportunities to develop life skills,” stated, Superintendent Dr. Christianna Hang. “Learning how to effectively interview is a skill our students will use when seeking a job or internship as well as in their college search activities.

This year’s competition featured 155 juniors who prepared for the competition by reviewing a list of 26 standard questions. They then took part in a role-playing interview for a teaching assistant position at the school.

Interviewing is a month-long unit in our CP classes,” explained Director of Counseling and Student Services Cecelia Lee. “Students interviewed each other during class and judge who the winner would be. It’s very similar to an interview tournament.”

This year marked the first time that two students were selected as the competition’s winner.

“There was no way we could pick a single winner,” added Ms. Lee. “Both finalists were so good, we had to pick two winners this year.”

Taking first place were juniors Leanna Vang and Amanda Hang. Both students have indicated that college will be their next step after completing high school; however, are still involved in the search process.

Hmong College Prep Academy is located at 1515 Brewster Street in St. Paul, southeast of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. For more information about the school, interested parties can call 651-209-8002 or online at The school is enrolling students for the 2020-2021 school year. Space is extremely limited.