Help Metro Transit Imagine The Future Of Bus Service, Today

By Adam Mehl


Imagine a bus route with fast, frequent service all day long. Imagine never having to check a pocket schedule, just show up to a station and seeing the arrival of your next bus – which may already be moments away. How about stations with heat during the winter months, more lighting, and security cameras? And, wouldn’t it be nice to pay before you board, just like light rail?

Sound too good to be true? In some areas, these improvements are already reality, like the METRO A and C Lines, where a bus arrives every 10 minutes during most of the day.

Now, Metro Transit needs to hear from you, the members of the communities we serve, about your needs as we work to visualize Network Next.

Network Next is Metro Transit’s vision for the 2040 bus network, which will guide future investments across the metro area. This includes a series of proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines that feature service and station improvements. We have identified three high-priority lines for these improvements and need your feedback on which order we should design and build them.  

Your participation in a survey will help us identify where to build BRT upgrades like: NexTrip signs, bike racks, real-time route information, security cameras, emergency phones, more lighting, push-button heating, and ticket machines that accept credit to pay before you board.

To take part in a survey, visit the website, or look for an in-person event at a transit center or station near you.

More information about Network Next at