HCC Museum Focuses On History Of Hmong Business And Organizations In St. Paul

By Mark Pfeiffer




Museology Museum Services has recently completed two additional museum panels for the Hmong Cultural Center Museum. These panels teach visitors about local Hmong history and focus on Hmong Businesses in Minnesota and Hmong Community Organizations in Minnesota. Visitors to the museum will learn that our neighborhood of University Avenue was the original Hmong business strip in St. Paul. They will also become acquainted with the history of several major Hmong organizations in the Twin Cities including HCC since the late 1970s. HCC’s museum located on University Avenue at Western in St. Paul now includes 25 museum panels, 8 labeled display cases featuring Hmong cultural artifacts and 7 ipad stations along with an embroidery room which is part of the award-winning Hmong Folk Arts Experience exhibit. A movie theater space and second embroidery room are currently under development. The Hmong Resource Center Library, the most comprehensive collection of Hmong-related scholarly research in the United States is also part of the Hmong Cultural Center Museum. 

HCC Museum History Of Hmong Business And Organizations