Grant Money Allowed Noble Academy To Feed Thousands

By May Moua


With the pandemic taking place, unemployment rate on the rise, and numerous of concerned families, Noble Academy hoped to provide a satisfactory meal bundle to feed the adult members in the community during this unprecedented challenging time. Noble Academy received a grant from the federal Coronavirus Fund which allowed Noble to provide thousands of meals to feed the community during the month of November and December. Timing could not have been better because it was just right around the busy and joyful time of the year.

Noble’s administration Superintendent Neal Thao and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mai Yia Chang are both very grateful for this grant.  Dr. Chang uses a quote from the Dalai Lama to capture why the feeding hub is so important.  “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” The goal of this community feeding hub was to ensure that the adult family members in our community who need a meal, receive it during this holiday season. The organization’s compassion to help the community was very successful. They were able to serve the community and bring smiles to the people during hardship times like this. Many of those who stopped by for a curbside touchless free meal pickup were thankful and greatly appreciated the kindness of Noble Academy.

Noble Academy/Nompeng Academy is currently enrolling grades K-8 for the 2020-2021 School Year. Please visit their website, or www.nompengacademy. us to learn more or call 763-592-7706 or 763-204-8406. Questions may also be sent to