Grant Applications Now Accepted From Organizations Seeking To Improve The Greater Communities They Serve

By Jennifer Kovacich



For the fifth consecutive year, Saint Paul Area Realtors® are welcoming community-based organizations or groups to apply for a grant to be used to improve the community it serves.

An applicant’s request will be considered based on the criteria that it includes one or more components from SPAAR’s four primary areas of focus intended to create Better Agents and Better Communities, as follows:

▪ Advocacy

▪ Community Engagement

▪ Professional Development

▪ Communications

Grant submissions are due on or before Friday, May 27, 2022, and may be submitted electronically to or mailed to:

Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS®

Attn: REALTORS® Charitable Foundation

325 Roselawn Avenue E

St. Paul, MN  55117

Better Agents, Better Communities is the tagline that captures the members of the SPAAR REALTORS® Charitable Foundation, which will be providing the grant awards for a total of up to $100,000. The goal is for the project recipients to have a lasting impact and be a greater benefit to the public. The REALTORS® Charitable Foundation works to improve the quality of life within communities where SPAAR members live and work.

Previous recipients are Bridging; Great River Greening; Housing First Minnesota Foundation; Mapping Prejudice; Meals from the Heart; Rondo Avenue, Inc; Rondo Center for Diverse Expression; and Safe Summer Nights.

SPAAR REALTORS® Charitable Foundation

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