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Do you have questions about Medicare enrollment? Are your prescription drug costs too high? The annual Medicare open enrollment period is now through December 7, 2021, and the Minnesota Senior LinkAge Line® is ready to help you find the best Medicare plan for you. Free, unbiased help is just a phone call away at 800-333-2433 or TTY 711.

Senior LinkAge Line staff and volunteers are experts on Medicare, but they’re also connectors to much more. They’ll help you find information and resources on transportation, housing, assistance in returning home after a health incident, caregiving and more.

I’m passionate about helping people in the Hmong community know about how the Senior LinkAge Line can help. I donate my time as a volunteer ambassador with Trellis, the organization that delivers Senior LinkAge Line services in the Twin Cities. In my role, I act as a bridge between my community and Trellis. I share the resources and information with my community, and when I hear feedback from my neighbors, I share that with Trellis. With our shared language and my knowledge of our culture, I can provide information to help community members remain independent and healthy.

Trellis supports over 70 volunteers throughout the Twin Cities and accomplishes some of its important work with volunteers like me.

According to Jetta Wiedemeier Bower, the volunteer and outreach manager at Trellis, “Our volunteers make a huge difference. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and they take on many roles. The first person that comes to mind is John, he’s been with us for 15 years – he’s got this beautiful booming voice – and he’s passionate about Medicare counseling. He’s a great storyteller and he breaks down complex information into easy-to-understand everyday terms.”

Another volunteer, Mary, focuses on hospice and palliative care. “Chatting with her makes you feel calm in this crazy world we’re living in,” says Jetta. “Even when she’s counseling people on healthcare directives, which can be a little bit scary, she makes you feel safe and comfortable.”

Senior LinkAge Line staff and volunteers make a difference in people’s lives everyday. And they have lofty goals – to reach more older adults and caregivers, better serve people in underserved communities and to improve the lives for all Minnesotans.

Trellis is looking to add new volunteers and would love to add people from our community. Jetta says, “We want to make it easy for people in every community to get the help they need, in the way they need it, in the language they prefer.” If you are interested in volunteering (either in-person or virtually), please let Trellis know by emailing volunteer@trellisconnects.org.

The Senior LinkAge Line is a free, statewide service of the Minnesota Board on Aging in partnership with Trellis and other Minnesota Area Agencies on Aging.

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