Diversifieds.com – A New Digital Platform To Help BIPOC Communities Achieve Financial Stability And Career Success

 By Kim Yang






Introducing Diversifieds.com – a new Twin Cities based digital platform that simplifies the process of connecting HR professionals with members of BIPOC communities that are seeking employment. Diversifieds.com (the name is derived from Diverse Classifieds) launched over Labor Day to rave reviews, with nearly 50,000 visitors in their first month.

Diversifieds.com is similar to online employment sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Monster, however there is a huge difference in Diversifieds.com’s mission. Diversifieds.com has been created to help members of BIPOC communities find jobs, help employers directly reach members of BIPOC communities that are looking for jobs, and create additional revenue streams for diverse media outlets that partner with them.

Diversifieds.com’s mission statement is:

To empower communities of color through the alignment of resourced partnerships addressing disproportionate economic and employment rates and thus eradicating joblessness while increasing sustainability.

In the current job market, Diversifieds.com has come along at just the right time to help employers find new employees from BIPOC communities. Minnesota’s unemployment rate is 1.8%, while Minnesota’s American Indian unemployment rate is 7.9%, Minnesota’s African American unemployment rate is 7.4%, Minnesota’s Asian unemployment rate is 5.1% and Minnesota’s Hispanic unemployment rate is 3.1%*. There is an exceptional BIPOC workforce, that are in the job market and just need the perfect vehicle to find that perfect career.

In a recent statement with May yer Thao, President & CEO of Hmong American Partnership, Thao said, “I’m tired of our communities surviving day to day, we need to help folks reach their dreams, aspire to greater dreams, and achieve economic security to start building generational wealth.” May yer Thao and the staff at Diversifieds.com are on the same page, Thao’s statement confirmed Diversifieds.com’s staff was on the right track.

Diversifieds.com serves the community in three ways:

  1. com provides a platform where members of diverse communities can go to find employment from employers who are actively reaching out to them.
  2. com partners with diverse media outlets to create additional revenue streams for their partners and help send traffic to Diversifieds.com. Diversifieds.com designates 33% of their total revenue to their media partners, while their media partners help to promote Diversifieds.com to their audience.
  3. com is designed to assist HR professionals in their efforts to reach members of diverse communities. Diversifieds.com expedites the process of reaching BIPOC communities and brings potential employees from diverse communities directly HR professionals’ job postings.

While Diversifieds.com has just launched, their team has over 150 years’ experience helping businesses, government agencies and organizations effectively connect with diverse communities.

Whether you are a potential employee looking for a new job, a diverse media outlet looking to help connect members from diverse communities find that perfect job – while creating additional revenue streams for your media outlet, or an HR professional looking to reach out to diverse communities for employment opportunities; Diversifieds.com is the perfect vehicle to meet your needs.

*Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development August 2022

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