Cultural Extravaganza: 2024 Qeej & Hmong Arts Fest Coming To St. Paul RiverCentre On May 26!

By Kang Vang




Free entrance for all!

The annual celebration of Qeej and Hmong arts returns to the heart of St. Paul as the 2024 Qeej and Hmong Arts Festival announces its upcoming event at the esteemed St. Paul RiverCentre on May 26, 2024. This eagerly anticipated festival promises a day filled with cultural immersion, artistic expression, traditional games and activities, and community togetherness.

The Qeej, a traditional musical instrument integral to the Hmong culture, will resound throughout the RiverCentre, captivating audiences with its melodious tunes and rich history. Alongside the enchanting sounds of the Qeej, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a kaleidoscope of Hmong arts and crafts, showcasing the community’s talent and creativity.

The festival will feature a diverse lineup of performances, including traditional and modern dances, musical performances, and a fashion show, offering attendees a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Hmong culture. In addition to the performances, visitors can explore exhibits, participate in cultural games, and even learn how to shoot a traditional Hmong crossbow!

“We are dedicated to preserving and promoting our cultural heritage through events like the Qeej and Hmong Arts Festival,” said Txongpao Lee, Executive Director. “This festival serves as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Hmong community and provides an opportunity for us to share our traditions with the wider community.”

The 2024 Qeej and Hmong Arts Festival invites individuals of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate the beauty of diversity, unity, and creativity. Mark your calendars for May 26, 2024, and join us at the St. Paul RiverCentre for a day of cultural exploration and celebration.

For more information and updates, visit and follow us on Hmong Cultural Center’s Facebook page.

Image courtesy Hmong Cultural Center.

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