Council Member Dai Thao Responds To Clearing Of Charges Against Him In Voting Case


On November 9, 2018, Ramsey County Judge Starr cleared Council member Dai Thao of all charges against him for assisting a disabled voter last fall.

In response, Thao’s Attorney Joe Dixon states, “We have said since Day 1 that Dai Thao acted lawfully at every step. The Court has now confirmed that. The only allegation against Dai was that he helped an elderly woman cast her ballot. We are grateful with the Court’s decision finding him not guilty of any crime.”

Council member Thao states, “I want to thank all the people who have supported me and their commitment to ensuring all citizens get to exercise their constitutional right to vote. From the civil rights day to now, this case has made plain that voting barriers still exist. We need to do more to help all of our citizens’ exercise their constitutional right to vote. I call upon our leaders to take action to ensure voting rights for all.”

Council member Thao continues to serve the residents of Ward 1 on the St. Paul City Council.