An Intern’s Farewell

From the desk of Megan Lombardi





As my time at Legacies comes to a close, I look back on the past two-plus-years and am filled with gratitude. I started in April 2020 as Sera’s first-ever intern upon assuming the role of Executive Director and at the height of COVID lockdowns. There was a lot of uncertainty at the time, but in the face of it all, the organization has continued to grow, adapt, and achieve remarkable things; it has done so with style, grace, and lots and lots of love. I am incredibly proud to have had the privilege to bear witness to this growth up close and to, at times, even have the ability to make small contributions to it.

As I set off on my next journey teaching English in Hanoi, Vietnam, I can’t help but think of how none of it would have been possible without my internship experience at Legacies. From the vast knowledge and interest in Southeast Asia I acquired, to the countless conversations and words of encouragement from the team as I contemplated what was next after completing my undergraduate degree, Legacies has been unbelievably supportive and instrumental in my own development, both professionally and personally. For that, I am perpetually thankful and inspired.

Passing off the baton to a new generation of Legacies interns, I encourage each of them to put aside the fear of asking questions, contribute even your wildest ideas to the infamous brainstorming sessions, and take advantage of every opportunity to sit in and listen to the events and meetings the organization is part of. The knowledge, understanding, and connections you can make through these is nothing short of extraordinary.

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