A Powerhouse Charter School: Noble Academy

By Mike Pocmich


Let it be known: Noble Academy is an astounding charter school.

Located in Brooklyn Park, MN, Noble Academy will be celebrating their 10th year of operations this year. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year they will be opening their second site as the demand for their educational experience continues to grow. I have worked with the school since the planning stages where a temporary office was the nucleus of an incredible future charter school. Little did I know what Noble Academy would become over the course of the next decade.

As of June 30, 2017, Noble’s fund balance settled at 89% of the respective year’s expenditures. The financial health of Noble Academy is further exemplified by having 272 days cash on hand and a debt service coverage ratio of 2.0+. Said differently, Noble Academy is the strongest financially structured charter school in Minnesota today. But the good news goes far beyond the financials.

Academics always have been the top priority of Noble Academy since opening in 2007. Laser focus on the basic elements of reading, math, and science have proved extremely beneficial to Noble’s students. Lead by Superintendent Thao and Dr. Mai Yia Chang, Noble has continually outperformed their peers, resident districts, and state averages. Don’t take my word… let the numbers below support my comments:

Above is a line graph covering the past 5 years of math, reading, and science proficiency rates. Noble’s core student demographic is focused on Asian immigrant families. Obtaining a proficiency rate of 60% on all the academic core subjects proves the school is allocating the necessary resources to the classroom to ensure the students are receiving the exacting support they deserve. But, there’s more:

On average, Noble Academy is out performing the statewide average in composite math, reading, and science scores on state mandated testing. Given the rapid growth the school has experienced over the past five years maintaining high academic standards and results is what makes Noble Academy an astounding charter school.

When we’re able to maintain such a long-standing relationship with a school like Noble Academy it boils down to the basics: loyalty, honesty, ethics, and old fashion hard work. TAG is honored to have a true partner in Noble Academy. We’re excited to continue the journey as the school enters the next phase of growth and service to the charter school community.

At TAG we have a deep appreciation for the charter school’s we get to partner with. We pay attention to much more than the financials. When a school is able to combine strong academic results with unbelievable financial stability we feel very fortunate to be a part of their operations.