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home : nation / world : nation/world Wednesday, November 22, 2017

11/2/2016 11:06:00 AM Email this articlePrint this article 
The Fate Of The Nation Is In Our Hands

By Dan Severson

These are important times of selecting a new leader for America to represent us to the world, and as such, certain fundamental issues must be addressed. Are they trustworthy? Will they lie to us while they destroy our country or will they make hard choices that pull us back from the brink of destruction? Will they break the rules because the rules don't really apply to them or will they follow the rule of law as outlined in our Constitution and seek out what is best for our economy and national security?

There is a clear difference this election. If you love the America way of life that has held government in check for 230 years while promoting individual freedoms and liberties regardless of race, color or religion, then I implore you to do some research. Find out who has lied and sold American interests to foreign governments for political gain, and who it is that actually financially supports her. Yes, her. This election is not about race baiting and fear mongering, it is about solutions to very real problems we face as a country and who can actually fix it. After eight years of failed economic and national security policies that have left our economy worse and the world a more dangerous place, do we really want to elect another politician who offers four more years of the same? Why not look for someone who will make the hard choices, tell us the truth, keep our families safe and create jobs.

We, you and I are now the stewards of our nation's liberty. Common sense tells us liars can't be trusted and their past will tell us what they will do in the future. I served over 20 years in the military and there is one thing that is never forgotten; that is when a leader lets a warrior die for their own political gain. The four lives abandoned in Benghazi are four of the biggest reasons Hillary is unqualified to be Commander in Chief. It would be a slap in the face of every service man and women who has served and now serves this great nation because she does not value their service.

We have an obligation to the sacrifices of our founding fathers and to our children's future to make the right decision in this important election. Will we forget her past and expect different results based on lies or will we put our country and our children first and elect a leader who has a proven record of success, Trump!!!

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